Managed Services Providers (MSPs) looking to deliver technology platforms that lead to a higher ROI and greater profitability don’t have to look further than IBM PureSystems. Clabby Analytics recently an advisory report entitled, Five Reasons Why MSPs Should Adopt IBM PureSystems, to make the case even stronger.

Among the biggest reasons they gave for considering PureSystems stemmed from its relative low maintenance and even lower risk factors. MSPs wouldn’t have to worry as much about spending their time or resources on integration and deployment. To expand on this point further, these systems are built upon open standards which greatly simplify any level of deployment issues that could arise from tuning and integration problems. Instead, MSPs won’t have to

 worry as much about design or configuration, and they can concentrate more on application services and process flow.

With IBM’s help, these PureSystem services and offerings can also be differentiated between MSPs. In that regard, each MSP will be able to provide unique, customizable PureSystems options to their customers. They can provide these options without absorbing the labor costs associated with deploying and tuning. MSPs can also take advantage of different pricing and finance options that would lower their upfront costs even more.

Also, from a pure flexibility and cloud enablement standpoint, PureSystems cover the gamut for different hosting purposes through advanced delivery models. MSPs will have wide range to offer services for:

  • IaaS (PureFlex)—According to Clabby Analytics, this platform has gained a lot of traction in the MSP marketplace because it offers ease-of-deployment and a high utilization frequency.
  • SaaS/PaaS (PureApplication)—This platform can help organizations manage their business applications in a highly optimized fashion.
  • Big Data and Analytics (PureData)—These systems have been optimized to help deliver revenue opportunities for the MSPs and independent software vendors (ISVs) wanting to align their products with prepackaged PaaS (prepackaged PureSystems platforms).

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Written by IBM BP Network