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bluemixfoundryIf you’re not an application developer, you may wonder why IBM named their relatively new cloud application development platform “Bluemix”.

It sounds like it might be a compilation of B.B. King, Albert King, and Freddie King songs. 

As it turns out, including the word “mix” in the name goes a long way toward explaining what Bluemix is and why it’s excellent on a variety of levels.

At the base, Bluemix is mixed with Cloud Foundry, which is an open-source development environment – a workshop of sorts – for creating cloud applications (no metal or blowtorches are required as they would be in a real foundry).

Cloud Foundry’s itself was created by about 700 developers from the open source community, so it is not tied to any one company or proprietary technology.

Cloud Foundry for Application Developers

Cloud Foundry provides application developers with almost limitless choices that can be mixed together to help create their cloud apps. Those choices include:

o   Development frameworks
o   Application services  
o   Various cloud types, such as public, private, etc.

How do application developers access the wide variety of resources available as part of the Cloud Foundry development platform?

This is where Bluemix comes in

At it’s simplest, Bluemix is what was once referred to as a “front end”. It provides access to the services delivered through Cloud Foundry, the same way a browser provides access to web sites.

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The Bluemix dashboard helps developers create, view, and manage applications, services, organizations, spaces, and user access. In addition, IBM has added a wide variety of software offerings for integration, security, transactions, and other key functions, as well as software from business partners.

For developers, Bluemix streamlines the process by automating many of the more time consuming functions like setting up, configuring, installing software, dealing with virtual machine images, tweaking hardware, and troubleshooting.

As a result, businesses are flocking to the Bluemix platform. According to eWeek, application developers using Bluemix are deploying new applications to the cloud faster than ever.

  • The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) reduced the expected delivery time of its pilot mobile app from months to weeks.
  • GE Capital said it has built a banking Website and other apps with unexpected speed.
  • Financial Insurance Management Corp. (FIMC) rapidly created a mobile app to increase renewal rates by 30 percent.
  • MyMenu and aPersona are scaling core business apps with improved speed and innovation.

As an offering born of the open source community, Bluemix is really and truly all about mixing.

Mixing ideas, mixing services, code, and runtimes, mixing infrastructure, software… all of the elements application developers need to bring innovative products to the cloud and the market. To learn more about IBM Bluemix and the exciting applications in development, please visit

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Written by IBM BP Network