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IBM Cloud Coverage

IBM technologies have revolutionized everything from big data and analytics to cloud computing and mobility. The latest cloud innovations are focused on sharing data between multiple resources. By tapping into various cloud architectures, physical environments, and Watson, interacting in the IBM cloud environment is easier and more efficient than ever before. 

Everyone Meets Up in the IBM Cloud

Gone are the days where utilizing one virtual environment worked for an entire business. Today, combining private and public cloud architectures is like combining peanut butter and jelly: It just makes sense. As Angel Diaz, IBM VP of cloud architecture and technology. said, "There is no one single cloud. Our clients have clouds. We have a cloud. Clients want to connect with other clouds." 

IBM has released developments to its hybrid cloud capabilities that make it easier for users to manage and integrate their in-house environments with external clouds. The revised IBM hybrid platform will work with any infrastructure compliant with OpenStack and will reliably support and deliver cloud-based solutions for customers to do business.

Three IBM Updates Transforming a Cloudy Sky

Integrating new data with legacy systems is mandatory as environments grow. Utilizing IBM-defined Dockerized containers for enterprise, based on the partnership with Docker, IBM has designed containers that work with both on-site or cloud-based applications. This technology makes it simple to integrate the containers with established processes.

Easy access to data is necessary, regardless of the system or platform it lives on. IBM DataWorks is designed to help developers pull from multiple sources by mapping connections between applications and locations. Additionally, Diaz pointed out that DataWorks was built to work with Watson. “What we can do with Watson is not just makes sense of the data, but also draw correlations and give [users] probability about what is correct and what isn’t.”

When using disparate systems for data, finding what you need when you need it is challenging without the right technologies working together. IBM Bluemix, the IBM platform-as-a-service, supports integrated DevOps to build, run, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud. BlueMix Local, coming in Summer 2015, offers full managed services for workloads in the your data center from behind a firewall.  

You Have the Data. IBM Cloud Helps You Find, Share, and Secure It.

The updated IBM cloud application platforms allow for greater flexibility and sharing within the cloud. Using multiple locations for data storage makes sense only when these locations can communicate and collaborate. With the features outlined above, in conjunction with IBM managed services, teams are free to focus on application development rather than infrastrcuture. 

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