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The time has come to dispel some of the common myths that have been circling IBM’s midrange storage systems over the last decade.


We’ve all heard them, and the bemoaning typically includes the same three verses:

1. IBM is too expensive.

2. IBM hardware is simply too much for what we need.

3. IBM doesn’t integrate well with other systems.

If these statements were ever true, rest assured they are no longer. In a 2012 survey performed by Storage Magazine, 275 customers using midrange storage environments were interviewed. All of the top brands – including Oracle, NetApp, Dell, Hitachi, EMC, and HP – competed in four categories: Technical Support, Product Reliability, Product Features, and Initial Product Quality. IBM Storwize, IBM’s family of storage infrastructures designed for the needs of the mid-market, emerged as the top solution and brand in every category.

So what did IBM bring to the table that topped other brands? Here’s a list that may look familiar:

Affordability – IBM Storwize is fully upgradable without disruption – from the smallest configurations to the largest.

This means every investment in Storwize will be long-lasting. No more rip and replaces are necessary; Storwize can grow with your company – from the mid-size market to a large-scale enterprise. Storwize also minimizes the necessity to purchase hardware in advance of a need. Storwize can also consolidate growth. 

Scalable Storage to Fit Business Needs

As an organization’s needs change, so does its storage requirements. Through growth and downsizing, IBM Storwize has the ability to help freeze storage expansion and delay the need for additional purchases. Simultaneously, it can scale up to 240 drives and scale out to around 960 drives. Storwize helps reduce purchase costs, rack space, power and cooling costs, and software expenditures.

Advanced Integration with Existing Storage

IBM Storwize has been designed to act as a single user interface to manage all storage, regardless of vendors. Storwize is compatible with over 130 different disk systems from all major vendors. Through its external virtualization capabilities, it not only provides new options to redeploy existing storage, but also extends the life and enhances the value of existing storage assets.

After virtualizing existing storage assets, Storwize allows everything to be viewed from a single pane of glass. This design allows for transparent, non-disruptive data migration from existing storage, which significantly improves productivity.

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Written by IBM BP Network