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IBM StorwrizeWe are a society hyper-focused on communication. We ask our phones to communicate with our thermostats, our cars to communicate with our iPads, and our bodies to communicate with bracelets.

In IT infrastructures, communication is also more important than ever, especially for storage systems. Almost like a conductor communicates with his orchestra, IBM Storwize is the virtualized storage conductor communicating with all other data systems forming a smart storage environment.

New developments within the IBM Storwize family make this flexible architecture desirable for growing data demands. 

Storwize for Today

The Storwize V7000 is a modular storage controller running an enterprise SVC software stack. Iterations over the last few years include the V3700 and V5000 products.

The Storwize V7000, which is no longer limited by non self-upgradeable control canisters, runs off of two engines and allows better access for customers to communicate with the system.

As is the case with all IBM Storwize products, flexibility, scalability, and performance are the system pillars.

Storwize helps you meet rapid data growth and stay within IT budgets. The systems control enclosure can attach more than two times the disks, or an entire 42U rack's worth. In addition, the scalability is impacted with multiple ports per control enclosure. 

The Skinny on Storwize

Thin provisioning on the Storwize V7000 helps optimize the amount of storage capacity in the storage network.

Because the thin provisioned volumes consume only the space they use, they ensure that you have the storage capacity needed to integrate data from other virtual or physical systems. By reducing complexities, utilization is improved, access to information is perfected, communication between systems is achieved, and costs are reduced.

Storage with Safety

The Storwize V7000 disk system maximizes its value by holding critical data with high availability and disaster recovery strategies.

To deliver the most robust data protection, the FlashCopy function creates real-time copies of active data for up to 265 copies of each volume. The Metro Mirror and Global Mirror functions, which operate between the disk systems, remotely create copies of data to cover any local failures.

To learn how your company can communicate better between storage devices and take advantage of IBM Storwize technologies, get in contact with the IBM BP Network today.

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Written by IBM BP Network