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Founded in 2013, the OpenPOWER Foundation is a global, open development membership organization dedicated to inspiring collaborative innovation between the world’s top technology companies. 

IBM is at the center of the OpenPOWER foundation, being one of its original creators.

OpenPOWER connects everyoneThe entire foundation is dedicated to using IBM Power Systems open architecture to foster the sharing and development of revolutionary ideas. 

With the upcoming release of POWER9 microprocessors in 2017, the OpenPOWER Foundation has been in the news quite frequently.

What does this mean for your company? Here are 5 ways POWER9 and the OpenPOWER Foundation are transforming your future. 

1. The Staggering Growth of the OpenPOWER Foundation 

In 3 short years, the OpenPOWER Foundation has grown to over 200 members in 24 countries.

Each member is committed to using POWER8 architecture and microprocessors. Innovation and collaboration are happening fast. 

By April of 2016, 30 OpenPOWER solutions were already brought to market – a number that has only grown in the following 8 months.

IBM has fully committed to its Power Systems and the OpenPOWER foundation.

With the partnerships under the foundation, IBM is starting to cut into Intel’s x86 architecture market share in the data centers. 

2. The Open Commute Project 

Created by Google and other prominent members of the OpenPOWER Foundation, the Open Commute Project seeks to reimaging hardware, making it more efficient, flexible, and scalable.

Google is working with Rackspace to co-develop an open server specification based on the new IBM Power Systems POWER9 architecture. 

The Open Commute Project has already been responsible for building and integrating Open Compute Servers for Facebook data centers around the world.

In addition to data centers, projects currently happening through the Open Commute Project include storage, open rack, certification, hardware management, and networking. 

In turn, IBM has announced that it intends to add Open Compute Project-complaint systems to its Power Systems portfolio to support big data analytics and cognitive applications in the cloud. 

3. POWER9 and IBM Watson Giving Moore’s Law a Swift Kick in the Rear 

Moore’s Law is based on the observation that the number of transistors in a densely-integrated circuit doubles around every two years.

Microprocessors haven’t been keeping up with Moore’s Law lately, but that could soon change with POWER9 and Watson cognitive computing. 

POWER9 chips are heavyweights, weighing in at 8 billion transistors. POWER8 chips weigh in at 4.2 billion transistors.

As POWER8 came out in 2014, IBM has gotten their microprocessors back in line with Moore’s Law, and all those transistors will be put to good use to handle the immense data loads of cognitive computing. 

Forbes has stated that big data analytics is the next trillion-dollar market, and that the fuel to this growth is the new disciplines of data science and cognitive computing – chiefly IBM Watson.

More big data will demand faster speeds, and with IBM already planning POWER10 chips before POWER9 is released, they are set to keep Moore’s Law relevant in the years to come. 

4. POWERing the Cloud 

OpenPOWER gives the cloud a whole new meaningSupermicro offers their advanced server Building Block Solutions® for data centers, cloud computing, enterprise IT, Hadoop/big data, high performance computing, and embedded systems.

In November, Supermicro joined the OpenPOWER Foundation and began a long-term technology relationship with IBM. 

Together, the two companies are working on IBM Cloud, IBM Storage, and IBM Power to optimize system designs to bring maximum performance and efficiency to the cloud.

Their joint goal is merging Supermicro’s workload optimized system design with the exceptional performance levels and capabilities of POWER9 microprocessors.

As a result, best-in-class Power Systems will be available to all OpenPOWER members throughout the OpenPOWER ecosystem. 

5. A Commitment to Another Big-Data, Big-Growth Industry: Genomics 

The field of genomics includes efforts to determine the entire DNA sequence of organisms. Needless to say, that’s a ton of big data. 

OpenPOWER Foundation members are dedicated to developing new advancements for genomics research and the computing power necessary to tackle such big data sets.

In collaboration with Xilinx and IBM, one partner member, Edico Genome Corporation, has built the DRAGON Bio-IT Platform, a new appliance that provides ultra-fast analysis of genomic data. 

With the backing of POWER9, DRAGON can quickly diagnose critically ill newborns, improve turnaround time for prenatal tests, and rapidly identify infectious disease outbreaks. 

So, the OpenPOWER foundation is not only dedicated to the health and advancement of technology, but its members’ efforts are also focused on helping people live healthier lives.

Written by IBM BP Network