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The word simple sometimes has a negative connotation but, in technology, sometimes simple is best. A simple data capture product could work well within a complex system for easier insights. A simplistic approach or strategy might be just what a business needs to get to the next step. After all of the different technologies we have seen in the last few years, a simplified IT environment is more of a positive than a negative.

Complicated Backups Cost More Than You Think


Just this week, CIO wrote, "Some people might hesitate about adopting new backup technologies, equating new technology with being too complicated. Sometimes that’s true. But when it comes to backup technologies, legacy backup systems are the ones that tend to be more complicated and cumbersome to use."

A lot of businesses still use some sort of on-site, physical server configuration rather than moving to a virtualized environment. Legacy systems may not adapt well to newer technologies in the environment, slow down other processes, and potentially cause end-user access failures. The cost implications of these complexities can be much more than an investment in a newer, more simple approach for back ups.

No matter what the environment, a clear plan for data storage and backups is needed because, when backing up your most critical assets, you can't afford the complications that lead to disaster. A simple, programmatic approach for backups can avoid downtime and software failures.

Simple Software for Complex Tasks

Large corporations that span the globe often have battling technologies. Complications from implementation to end-user application availability arise when these technologies are not built to work together from day one. IDC developed an IT Complexity Index to review the challenges that these types of business run into with complicated IT systems.

In this report, Ed Smith, CTO of AutoTrader, said, "Our ability to cross-sell is critical to our acquisition strategy… For this, you need common systems — one CRM, one you can service billing, one order management system, etc."

One system across all business units reduces complexities and missed opportunities.


If Only Data Could Be Simple

eWeek recently did a study amongst data scientists and found that 91% said they are either using complex analytics for big data now or are planning to within the next two years. Furthermore, 36% of the scientists said it takes too long to get insights because the data is too big to move to their analytics software. This is another factor of complexity.

Reducing the amount of data captured and needed for the future is a challenge. Optimize your systems to be prepared for massive data storage, analytics, and insights.

Outsourcing Reduces Complexities

When it comes to outsourced IT, or managed IT services, free you up to have a simpler internal system. Forbes said, “Sourcing these services from companies with the necessary scope, scale, and expertise not only can free up valuable resources to focus on core operations, but also can improve the quality of services for users." 

Outsourcing can simplify the environment and support teams to focus on other strategic areas.

Keep It Simple

From consolidating applications to investing in newer technologies, there are ways to simplify IT infrastructure and harvest benefits. Automated, converged, and integrated systems, combined with outsourcing, will reduce complexities and increase peace of mind.

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