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As we roll into the holidays, many organizations are bracing for their busiest time of the year. If you are one of these businesses, you know that this season can make or break your entire year. You want to do everything you can to help bolster your success.

A lot of consumer and business partner interactions with your company probably takes place over the web. This is increasingly true whether you are an eCommerce site or not. Your web presence has a significant impact on consumer confidence in your brand.

RespondingHow Visitors Respond to Your Website

A recent survey by the Ponemon Institute looked the perceptions about how trustworthy a website is. The top five responses were:

  1. 91% do not trust websites that contain errors or mistakes.
  2. 88% do not trust websites that frequently go down (offline or unavailable).
  3. 75% do not trust websites when identity and authentication procedures appear too easy.
  4. 67% do not trust websites that take too long to load.
  5. 63% do not trust the websites of companies that have had data breaches.

SecurityStrong Security Required

The survey also highlights the need for strong security. Almost twice as many users are likely to distrust a site than those who will get annoyed by stringent security requirements. This is particularly true when using shopping and financial services sites.

Your team might be struggling with how many steps your customers are willing to take to complete a transaction. This survey suggests that your website uses those stronger security measures to provide higher peace of mind.

PerformancePerformance Is Important

As users flock to your website this holiday season, it is important to make sure that your site is able to perform. 61% of users will give only two chances to a website that goes offline before they give up. And 59% said they are likely to discontinue using unavailable sites.

As you know, site security can also play a role in performance. However, 84% of consumers have no idea what a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is. So they may not understand the root cause of your site’s performance issue, and they might not care.

TogetherThe Need to Work Together                  

The top three concerns often extend back to different roles within the organization. Inaccurate content belongs to marketing. Website downtime and performance falls under IT. And authentication procedures goes to security. Addressing these concerns requires teamwork.

Linda Ban, Global C-Suite Study Director with IBM, says that it is increasingly important for businesses that there is a strong relationship between the CMO and CIO. “We have found that in organizations where the CMO and CIO have a good working relationship, those organizations tend to be better-performing financially both from a revenue and a profit perspective."

We wish you a happy and successful holiday season. And if you are traveling over the holidays, download one of our insightful eBooks to read on your trip. 


Written by IBM BP Network