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Bond-Blog-nFrom the first moment I heard those two blaring horn blasts – the ones that have become canon for Daniel-Craig-era Bond film scores – I was ready to be wooed by the action and story that the finale promised. And, in my mind, this film delivered.

The concept of sharing the data between every world power for the sake of siphoning out terrorist groups and other crimes was relatable to today’s data protection battlefront. What I didn’t expect, though, was the unease that left the theatre with me. Spectre was a reminder of just how powerful data has become in our world.

The Power of Data in Today’s World

power-of-dataHave you ever felt like your identity is slowly being tracked – like someone is carefully watching every move you make? The fact is, we don’t even need a blood-based tracking device ordered by “M” to chart our movements. You also don’t have to be a figure of public interest, like Mr. Bond. Today’s data-hungry world is interested in keeping an eye on everyone with an Internet or mobile connection and a pulse.

Almost every human being has a digital, data-driven identity, and that identity is being watched closely at all times. Google does it. Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites do it. Advertisers do it to target which ads would be of most interest you. Sure, seeing ads for the stuff you like seems helpful, but there is a downside to this intrusive data-gathering. There are real-life Bond villains out there, and all it takes is one small miss-step on your part to be at their mercy.

Real-life Bond Villains and Where They Hide Out

Those friendly, well-chosen ads that are customized to your tastes are a great example of a potential trap. The latest line of attacks from cyber criminals fits cleverly behind the mask of a legitimate digital ad. Once you click, they can route you to the real website, but with tracking capabilities that steal personal data, like credit cards.

million-new-threats-a-dayAnd malvertising is just the beginning. Time Magazine reports that an average of 1 million new threats populate per day. We are at war against invisible enemies, and today’s new covert, virtual battleground rages on a part of the Internet that few people see.

The Dark Web is where illegal online activities fester. Everything can be peddled and purchased – from drugs to hitmen and even human trafficking. This is where your stolen data goes to be sold. The Dark Web is sinister enough to fuel the plotline for a Bond nemesis organization. But, unfortunately, with such global presence and activity, there is no way to blink away this real-life nightmare. Chances are, not even the legendary 007 could take on the Dark Web and win.

So what can companies and people do to fend off this growing force for evil profit? The answer is to arm your business with the latest software protection.

What “Q” Would Prescribe for Protection

data-center-Q.jpgWhat you need is something that would probably hail from “Q’s” department: A security intelligence platform, like IBM QRadar. With ever-changing security threats, companies need data defenses that can easily adapt to, detect, and defend against network security threats. A unified architecture that acts at the backbone for integrated security management should be the base for this threat protection tech, but keep an eye out for added gadgets and add-ons that will help your company safe.

Here are a few examples of add-ons that may be good to keep in your company’s back pocket:

  • Incident forensics
  • Event and log management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Real-time correlation and behavioral anomaly detection
  • Full network, application, and user visibility
  • Automated regulatory compliance standards
  • Data collection, correlation, and reporting capabilities

A truly intuitive data protection software will also have the ability to anticipate and solve breach before serious consequences materialize.

The Key to Deflecting Threats and Cyber Villains

As much as you want to believe that the data protection battlefront is being won and that our governments are keeping us safe, the fact is this we do not live in a Hollywood movie. The villains are already out there and even the infamous Bond doesn’t stand a chance to bring them down. What you can do, though, is implement the right security technology. And keep your employees apprised of the latest cyber threats.

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Written by IBM BP Network