There is a powerful open source revolution underway. Are you ready?

For decades, the database universe has been dominated by a handful of expensive, enterprise-class relational databases. That leadership position is currently being challenged. Extremely powerful, open source databases have entered that enterprise-class space.

Traditional relational database management systems have some serious drawbacks:

  • Strict, rigid datasets that do not align with today’s unstructured data.
  • Expensive annual contract and support renewals that drain budgets.
  • Large upfront expenses that can stall or kill new data projects.

The Database Force Awakens focuses on a trilogy of rebel open source data tools that challenge the status quo. These challengers have matured into enterprise-class databases that provide:

  • Reliability with affordable support options that cost a fraction of current systems’ fees.
  • Scalability options that open up endless possibilities.
  • Minimal to no up-front investments that allow you to focus on development.

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