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Achieve true cognitive computing with IBM Watson

Watson can help you understand your data, make faster decisions, and maximize every opportunity.

Watson is a Cognitive System Designed for Answers

Watson has the ability to glean insights, answer questions, and make decisions based on your data. The more data that you feed the system, the more accurate are your answers.

What is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive computing attempts to duplicate the human thought process.

Cognitive uses huge data sets, recognizes patterns and trends, and understands natural language to deliver your answers. That is what makes Watson so powerful.

To achieve its deep understanding of the data that it is given, Watson uses parallel computing on a massive scale. The IBM Watson system that won on Jeopardy! In 2011 would overwhelm a single processor. It needs many, high-performance processors working in parallel to find you the right answer.

Why Cognitive on IBM Power Systems running Linux?

The Watson platform is the key to unlocking cognitive. The hardware and software make up the foundation to provide the horsepower that allows Watson to perform. IBM Power Systems running Linux are that foundation.

IBM Power Systems begin with the POWER8 processor. A processor built for data and analytics from the ground up. It is designed to handle over double the throughput than that of a typical processor.

To meet the demands of cognitive, Power Systems deliver exponentially more memory and cache bandwidth. Power Systems can also process several times more threads per cycle. And they  are built with multiple times the I/O bandwidth than commodity processors.

The Road to Cognitive is a Journey

We know that you do not decide to turn on cognitive one day and then all of your business questions are answered.

It is a journey. The first step of that journey is understanding your data and making sure that your systems have access to it. Then you move on to analyzing that data. And then you can move to intelligent, cognitive, purpose built systems to deliver cognitive computing.

Why IBM Cognitive?


The Journey to Cognitive

Cognitive computing may sound like an impossible hill to climb, but you should regard cognitive as a journey.

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