IBM PowerSystems for Modern Applications

IBM has fully embraced open architecture. Every Power System can run Linux distributions from Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu.

These systems support big and little endian so all of your Linux applications can easily port over to Power Systems running Linux.

The performance advantages of the POWER8 processor means that you can replace several x86 servers running Linux with a single IBM Power System.

That processing power can also allow your application developers to add functionality that would bog down a commodity system, like real-time data analytics.

You can learn more about IBM Power Systems running Linux here.

Linux on Power for Your Role

  • Infrastructure Managers

    Managing IT infrastructure has become more complex.

    New applications such as big data analytics and mobile require a new approach to infrastructure. You now have a choice that provides unmatched scale-up and scale-out options.

    IBM Power Systems running Linux are designed from the ground up for today’s data-intensive applications. Click here.

  • Application Developers

    You are building powerful applications for a new business environment.

    Business leaders are asking you to provide systems that add strategic, competitive value to the enterprise. End users demand anytime, anywhere access to those applications.

    While many developers do not always consider the infrastructure that their applications run on, it might be time to learn why Infrastructure Matters. Click here

  • Database Architectcs

    As you look to extract maximum value from the data that you have access to, you are turning to new tools.

    NoSQL databases such as Redis and MongoDB are running alongside data platforms like Hadoop and Spark.

    You are constantly looking for the best tools for the job that deliver the highest performance. Up until now, it might have been the underlying hardware holding you back. It is time to consider why Infrastructure Matters. Click here.


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