Today's Applications

Organizations are turning to technology to be a driving force and a competitive advantage. Business leaders and users demand instant results. The waitless world is now. Are you ready?

Infrastructure Matters

Traditionally, developers have focused more on their code delivering results than on the underlying hardware that it runs on. Many times, those application workloads are running on commodity hardware that is not optimized for performance. That solution may no longer meet the demands of the enterprise.

Optimized hardware can dramatically improve application performance. This can allow you to meet user demands while adding functionality, such as real-time analytics. Your applications and code do not need to be restricted by the hardware they run on.

IBM PowerSystems Running Linux

IBM designed their new Linux on Power Systems based on the advanced POWER8 processor. Power Systems are purpose-built for today’s most demanding applications in big data, analytics, cloud, mobile, and eCommerce. They allow applications to perform faster, more reliably, and more securely than x86 systems.

IBM Power Systems offer 4x more threads per core than Xeon processors. This allows your applications to run faster. And with today’s data-intensive workloads, we added a second memory controller that can quadruple the speed at which data is fed to your applications.

IBM is fully committed to open source.

In 2013, IBM invested $1 billion dollars into the Linux ecosystem.

We also created the OpenPOWER Foundation to provide access to the POWER CPU and advanced I/O. IBM provides access to free Linux on Power Systems resources for open source development.

IBM Linux on PowerSystems Quick FAQs

  • Does IBM Power Systems running Linux support the tools that I rely on?

    Yes, all of the popular development tools are now supported on Linux on Power Systems.

    Your development environment does not need to be changed at all. Tools such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, Pearl, Python, and others are available. Data tools such as Redis, MariaDB, Hadoop, and Spark are also optimized to run exponentially faster on IBM Power Systems.

    See the constantly expanding list of development tools and platforms.

  • Q: What Linux distributions are supported on IBM Power Systems?

    The Linux community has embraced the benefits of IBM Power Systems. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Ubuntu are all supported.

    For a comprehensive list of versions, download the .pdf here.

  • Will my Linux applications run on IBM Power Systems?

    Yes! Applications do not have to be re-coded for IBM Power Systems running Linux.

    In fact, your applications written in scripting languages such as Ruby, Pearl, and PHP will run on IBM Power Systems with no changes required. 95% of applications written in C/C++ will only require a simple re-compile with the free IBM Software Development Kit (SDK). POWER8 supports both big and little endian.