Purpose-built Solutions

Today’s marketplace has become more competitive. Customers demand more value in a shorter period of time than ever before. Purpose-built hardware can help you deliver that value.

Infrastructure Matters

Next generation application solutions such as big data, analytics, mobile, and cloud require new considerations. Application performance is critical, as our customers demand instant, anywhere access to their systems.


The underlying hardware that your applications run on can dramatically affect your user experience. That is where IBM Power Systems comes in. With IBM Power Systems running Linux, your software solutions can perform the way they were meant to.

Deliver Enhanced Value

Faster processing, improved data speed, and reduced network latency. Optimizing your applications to run on IBM Power Systems can extend your value proposition.

  • Better user experience. Your applications perform at their fullest potential.
  • Deliver more value. Add functionality such as real-time analytics.
  • Reduce customer’s costs. Reduce number of servers required.

IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems have been developed from the ground up to run next generation applications with maximum performance and unmatched reliability and security.

  • POWER8 Processors offer a 12 core processor that can process 8 threads per core. That equates to 96 threads per clock cycle. That is 4x the performance of competing x86 systems.
  • CAP I/O is PCIe Gen 3 logic configured directly on the processor. This advanced hardware accelerator allows devices, flash storage, and coprocessors to communicate directly with POWER8 processors at extremely high speeds.

Open Source Ecosystem

IBM invested over $1 billion in the Linux open source community. We also founded the OpenPOWER Foundation that allows members open source access to POWER8 processors and our I/O systems.


Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu have all ported their enterprise Linux distributions to IBM Power Systems. There are now over 1,400 independent solutions that have been certified on IBM Power Systems.

Easily Port Applications

Your applications can run on IBM Power Systems running Linux with minimal effort. Most applications written in scripting languages such as Pearl, Java, PHP, Ruby, and others will run on IBM Power Systems with no changes to the code. The majority of applications that are compiled, such as C/C++, will only require a simple recompile. To see the growing list of development tools and platforms, click here.


We have invested in additional resources to help you explore the benefits of IBM Power Systems running Linux, including free access to an online development environment for our Business Partners. There are also IBM Power Systems Linux Centers in North America, Asia, and Europe. 

Why IBM Power Systems?


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