Open innovation for enhanced control over your data center.

The IBM Power System line of servers are designed for mission-critical applications, developed from the ground-up for data-intensive applications.

With leadership performance and system innovations that include a brand new OpenPOWER Foundation, POWER8 enhances infrastructure interoperability and gives IT managers enhanced control over the entire data center.

Power Systems S-Class servers

Enhanced memory bandwidth, capacity, and expansion also give companies more control over data growth while still delivering on performance. POWER8 is equipped with efficient hardware-accelerated virtual memory management and dynamic cloud optimization.

The robust multi-socket scaling within POWER8 servers offers optimized analytics and big data.

This product’s specialized chip packaging also moves intelligence into system memory, which helps manage energy consumption and scheduling logic. A new processor interface allows IBM POWER8 to perform isolated, ad-hoc repairs, while a Processor Service Layer (PSL) reduces accelerator and processing complexities.

With the ability to cut a data center’s footprint by half and scale out to control data expansion, IBM POWER8 servers have the capacity to transform the efficiency and control of IT infrastructures.

IBM POWER8 servers also offer:

  • Coherent Accelerator Processor Extra memory (230 GBs of sustained bandwidth)
  • Enhanced accelerators (Transactional Memory and VMM assist)
  • Superior energy management
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Advanced latency (Non-Uniform Cache Architecture)
  • Additional system cores
  • Interface (CAPI) support
  • Transactional memory

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