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Businesses leaders are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage while avoiding being left behind in their industries. The best way to accomplish this goal is to extract value from multiple data sources and deliver modern applications. This is exactly why SAP created HANA.

SAP HANA gives businesses powerful capabilities, which include:

  • Data Access: Collect data from multiple sources, either internal or external, into in-memory databases to process high-speed transactions and analytics.

  • Actionable Insights: Users can get answers to any business question and make educated decisions in real-time through advanced analytics in SAP HANA by leveraging in-memory data processing capabilities.

  • Modern Applications: Develop next-generation applications that combine analytics and transactions that can be delivered to any user on any device. Users can get a personalized experience with the right data served at the right time.

SAP HANA Deployment Options

The decision has been made to try out SAP HANA or expand its use within your organization. You are faced with many options on how to deploy SAP HANA.

Do you install it in your data center or in the cloud?

How will you scale as the demands for data analytics escalates?

Can you ensure high availability to data and applications?

How do you deliver maximum application and data access performance?

Once users experience the ability to make more informed business decisions, in-real time, based on broad data sets, they will look for new ways to answer more complicated questions. This means that your SAP HANA deployment will continue to expand.

Why IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA?

IBM Power Systems were redesigned from the ground up for digital business and the data economy. They are built on an open architecture around the POWER8 processor with advanced memory handling and I/O.

These servers deliver:

  • Superior performance: Do more with less.

  • Improved resiliency: 99.997% or greater uptime.

  • More flexibility: The first supported platform for virtualized instances of SAP HANA.

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The IBM Power Systems with POWER8 processors vs. x86 servers:

  • Performance
    1. 2x the performance over Haswell.
    2. 4x more processing threads per core.
    3. 3x the memory bandwidth per core exploits.
    4. 4,600 SAPS per core versus 2,000 on x86.
    5. Up to 32TB of RAM and 192 processor cores per cluster.
  • Virtualization
    • Highest performance virtualization solution for SAP HANA.
    • The first platform to provide a supported virtualized SAP HANA environment.
    • Lowest virtualization layer overhead on multi-threaded HANA workloads.
    • Fully exploits the HANA scale-up approach.
  • Ease of Management
    • Fewer systems required for SAP HANA deployment.
    • Reduce server sprawl, simplify management, and lower data center costs.