Power9 Cost-Savings Estimator

See how you can save more with POWER9 versus previous generations.

Also, compare to x86 processors to see how you can save on hardware and software maintenance costs.

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Open Innovation for Enhanced Power

IBM Power Systems built on the POWER9 processor were designed from the ground up to handle data-intensive workloads. This makes them ideal for today’s constant deluge of data.

IBM has developed the new POWER9 processor in conjunction with the OpenPOWER Foundation to deliver exceptional performance for today’s modern workloads. The platform can handle your mission-critical applications and help you take a large step forward in your digital transformation. 

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IBM POWER9 Processors

The IBM POWER9 takes a quantum leap forward in computing power. The processors are designed to handle data. They are a 1.5 times increase in performance over their predecessor, POWER8. They also add industry-leading I/O to process, analyze, and derive value from the increasing mounds of data.

That I/O subsystem includes next-generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI. What exactly does all of this power and improved I/O provide?

— 9.5 times the maximum I/O bandwidth versus competing x86 commodity servers
— 2.6 times more RAM is supported versus x86
— Twice the number of high-performance cores versus x86
— 1.8 times the memory bandwidth versus x86

IBM Power Systems deliver real-world cost savings. See how these organizations saved between $2.9 million and $15 million by running their applications on IBM Power Systems.

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Are You Ready to Upgrade to POWER9?

IBM Power Systems servers are known for their extremely high level of reliability. These systems can run for months or years in your data center without requiring much maintenance.

So why should you upgrade if your IBM Power System is running just fine in your data center?

An upgrade to POWER9 delivers improved security with the latest firmware and software updates. POWER9 is 1.5 times faster than POWER8. And running a new POWER9 processor will result in reduced maintenance costs.

And upgrading is easy.

Read our guide 5 Easy Steps to Your POWER9 Upgrade to find out how you can upgrade painlessly.

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Meet the Family of IBM POWER9 Systems

IBM Power Systems with POWER9 deliver many benefits. They are cloud-ready, highly reliable, and offer advanced security. Want to learn which POWER9 system is right for you?

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IBM POWER9 Family Overview

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IBM Power Systems vs. x86

Learn how you can realize significantly reduced TCO and improved performance.

Upgrade to IBM POWER9

Learn how to easily migrate to the latest IBM Power processor today.

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