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Cloud Re-Imagined

Scalability, agility, lower cost of management, and ease of deployment are all promises that you have heard about the cloud. The cloud can enable you to explore new business opportunities with minimal up-front cost, expand your business for seasonal spikes, and create and bring new applications to market faster.

There are also risks involved, such as loss of control or potential security vulnerabilities. What do you do if your cloud provider goes out of business or changes their business model?

With all of the cloud options available today, how do you choose a cloud provider when your job can be on the line?

Whether you are looking for cloud for application development and delivery, big data analytics, or a full infrastructure platform, IBM has the right solution for you.

Cloud for Application Development

Application development is often one of the first functions to move to the cloud. Developers need to get their applications into production quickly so they can start generating value for the business. IBM recognizes this need and built their cloud platform, Bluemix, for application development, delivery, and operations.

With Bluemix, you pick the physical or virtual servers, storage types, network configuration, and security features. You have your choice of development tools. Once your application goes into production, they provide tools to deploy and scale as your user base grows.

Cloud for Data Analytics

Data is one of the most valuable assets that your organization owns. Extracting maximum value from that data quickly can be the difference between success and obsolescence. IBM understands data and has built tools into their cloud solutions to help you make the most of your data.

Bluemix provides an array of data tools including NoSQL and relational databases, along with Hadoop and Spark servers. And they add another tool that only IBM can provide. Watson for cognitive data analytics tools are pre-built and ready to be utilized in your applications.

Cloud Infrastructure for the Enterprise

IBM Bluemix provides an array of enterprise-class hardware options. You pick the infrastructure that is right for your organization. You then have access to application development and data tools that your team needs to be successful. Your servers and storage can be private and only accessed by your team. And they can be replicated to any of IBM’s dozens of secure data centers worldwide.

One challenge when moving applications and data to the cloud is what do you do when you want to bring them back on-premises? That is why IBM created Bluemix Local System, which allows you to deploy all of the features and flexibility of IBM’s cloud on your own servers in your data center.