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IBM Storage Solutions for Data-Intensive Applications

Data is more important than ever. Your organization needs to extract the maximum value from your data to gain a competitive advantage. Otherwise, you risk being left behind.

Data can help you engage new customers, solidify current relationships, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and uncover new business opportunities. To accomplish this, your data needs to be always available.

Traditional storage silos worked for stand-alone applications or monolithic ERP systems running on rigid relational databases. Now, data must be available across your entire organization.

New tools are making this possible. Spark, Hadoop, and new database systems, like NoSQL, require a new way to imagine data.

Flash Storage is a Game-Changer

If you are looking for high-performance storage, chances are that you are considering flash storage. Adding flash to your storage environment is the fastest way to improve performance.

You do not have to replace all of your existing storage to take advantage of flash. You can virtualize your storage environment and then add a layer of flash. Simply adding 5% flash to your existing storage can improve performance by over 300%.

The speed of flash also enables real-time data compression and in-line deduplication to reduce your storage footprint by up to 80%.

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Virtualize Your Storage

Your organization has made a significant investment in your storage environment. Unfortunately, that storage usually comes in the form of stand-alone systems that have their own management systems. This means that your team has to learn multiple administration tools. And those separate systems create utilization challenges.

Storage virtualization, or software-defined storage, can allow you to pool all of your existing disk-based systems into a single volume. The lifecycle of your investment can be extended while you implement new technologies such as flash and expand to the cloud.

Why IBM Storage?


Flash Storage

IBM FlashSystem is equipped to keep pace with growing data demands.

Storage Virtualization

Storwize can boost application performance by up to 200%.

Project Proposal Blueprint

Build a business case your organization's stakeholders will be bought in to.

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