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IBM Virtualized Storage

As data levels continue to escalate at alarming rates, companies must optimize the efficiency of their storage architectures to control growth and manage their storage environments.

The IBM Storwize family of storage solutions virtualizes and optimizes your storage through accelerated Real-time Compression, which can reduce storage cost by up to half while maintaining application performance.

IBM Storwize scales with organizations and integrates best-of-breed technologies from multiple vendors to support the current and future storage needs of all businesses – from SMBs to enterprises.

Storwize V7000

IBM Storwize V7000 and Storwize V7000 Unified Storage are built on various platforms and diverse technologies that present end-to-end control.

This process allows companies to shape the best-fit storage solution based on their business needs.

Created with the most innovative products in the industry, V7000 systems offer:

      Easy Tier technology
        RAID technology
          Intuitive GUI interfaces
            Real-time compression
              Thin provisioning
                Bridgeworks SANSlide Network Optimization
                  IP replication
                    Remote replication over Ethernet connections

By reducing physical disc space by up to 80%, Storwize can boost application performance by up to 200% — guaranteed.

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