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Big Data is forcing organizations to change their perspectives on how to store, manage, and extract valuable insight from their data.

SAN Volume Controller (SVC)—a renowned storage and server virtualization technology—enables completely virtualized infrastructures to deliver reliable and flexible storage solutions.

Complete with a single point of control, SVC supports improved business application availability and optimum utilization of both existing and new storage resources.

With SVC, companies can manage storage resources efficiently in real-time while avoiding cumbersome administrative costs.

SVS standardizes functions across virtualized storage.

With a more flexible system, users can access efficient, cost-effective, and simplified storage environments. As a Storage Virtualization solution designed for large enterprises, SAN offers high availability and a wide range of sophisticated functions to all IBM storage systems, including the entire IBM Storwize family.

SAN Volume Controller (SVC) offers companies:

  • — Clustering and replication technologies
  • — Next-generation graphical user interface (GUI)
  • — Bridgeworks SANSlide network optimization
  • — High-performance thin provisioning
  • — Automated tiering
  • — Storage virtualization for reduced rack space
  • — Usable capacity of existing storage systems
  • — Improved application availability
  • — Flash storage support
  • — Enhanced data mobility for high availability
  • — A virtualized foundation for cloud deployments
  • — Supported attachment to next-generation Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) networks

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

IBM Spectrum Virtualize allows all storage to be managed as a single volume. Virtualize multiple storage media, including flash, disk, tape and cloud. 

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