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Organizations are finding innovative ways to use data as a competitive advantage.

It’s exciting to see creative developers find new ways to store, manage, and extract value from their data.

In order to do that, they are turning to alternatives that offer greater flexibility, scalability, and agility than traditional relational database management systems.

Postgres Vision 2016, co-sponsored by MIT Technology Review and EnterpriseDB, is an international event that shouldn’t be missed.

There will be numerous sponsors showcasing their technology.

But the real attraction is the ability to learn from other business and technology luminaries and see the unique ways they are putting technology and data to work to achieve digital business initiatives.


Postgres Vision 2016 co-hosted by EnterpriseDB and MIT Technology Review

This year, EDB partnered with MIT Technology Review to develop content that resonates with a wide spectrum of attendees.

The conference has four specialized tracks: business, the open source community, the developer, and the ecosystem.

Track 1: The Business

Cloud, mobile, and data analytics have changed the way that businesses operate.

One challenge facing businesses is determining which technologies will best solve their business challenges. They then have to determine how to implement and manage that technology cost effectively.

This track will explore business concerns around open source.

They will include Postgres initiatives that span multiple industry sectors. Attendees will gain exposure to a 3-phase digital transformation methodology that covers the full lifecycle from investment to maturity.

Track 2: The Open Source Community

The Postgres open source community is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The database has matured into a best-in-class, enterprise-class platform. This could not have happened without its renowned community of collaborators from all over the world.

In this track, attendees will get a deep dive into PostgreSQL version 9.6, along with a roadmap to the future.

Presenters will demonstrate out-of-the-box solutions to common challenges such as casual reads, synchronistic replication, and parallel queries.

They will also offer options for improving scalability, building logical replication scenarios, enhancing performance, and more.

Track 3: The Developer

Developers are building applications that their end users count on to gain insights into customers, improve decision making, expand into new markets, and more.

Developers put a lot of effort into creating these amazing applications. They deserve to run on a platform that is built to perform.

This track focuses on achieving high availability and near-zero downtime.

These sessions will take a deeper look at available open source tools. They will also cover critical topics such as security, cloud, and implementation techniques.

Track 4: The Ecosystem

The number of PostgreSQL enterprise deployments is growing.

There is more pressure to build robust, scalable, secure, and flexible capabilities. These features have previously only been associated with commercial database solutions.

Named as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2015 and a Gartner challenger in 2016 for relational database management systems, EnterpriseDB has brought that functionality to PostgresSQL. 

This track will examine the partner ecosystem of software tools and services that have evolved around Postgres.

The sessions will showcase new digital business initiatives and the tools that help make them a reality.

Attendees will learn how all of the pieces of the ecosystem fit together to promote digital business.

IBM joins the party with a post-event jam session

Attendees who are still hungry for more are invited to attend a half-day IBM and EnterpriseDB Vision Jam on Thursday immediately following Postgres Vision 2016.

IBM and EnterpriseDB will discuss the transformative potential of open source databases and why now is the time to consider adopting open source technologies running on IBM Power Systems.

IBM has provided the following workshop agenda:

  • Thought leadership discussion on the capabilities and potential of open source databases and EnterpriseDB

  • Getting started with IBM Power Systems and EnterpriseDB

  • Infrastructure considerations

  • Justifying and quantifying your transition to open source

During this event, there will be live demonstrations and opportunities to speak directly with technical experts and architects from IBM and EnterpriseDB.

The intended audience includes CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, scientists and database architects who attended Postgres Vision 2016.

The legendary Steve Wozniak addresses open source, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Postgres Vision 2016 is pleased to announce that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and the inventor of the original Apple I, will be delivering a keynote on open source, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Come hear how Woz changed the world — and how you can too.

Conclusion: Postgres Vision 2016 is an event that cannot be missed

Postgres Vision will showcase presentations of use cases, demonstrations, and hands-on development directed at all levels of the organization.

Attendees will walk away from the event with actionable strategies and tactics that they can use to transform their business and agencies today.

There is going to be a treasure trove of great information available that can help attendees revolutionize their businesses or agencies.

To attend Postgres Vision 2016, register here.

If you are interested in attending the IBM and EnterpriseDB Vison Jam, you can register here.

Written by Marcy Rizzo, Senior Content Producer, MIT Technology Review

Senior Content Producer MIT Technology Review and MITEF One Main Street Cambridge, MA 857-231-2534