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If you are like most organizations, you are seeing a shift in the use of technology. Terms like analytics, cloud, social, and mobile are not just being discussed, but implemented by lines of business to create a competitive advantage. The use of technology to solve business challenges was once the sole domain of the IT department. That has changed.

Business leaders know that they need technology solutions to address their business challenges. They want to put technology to work. And they want to see value from that technology investment as quickly as possible.

Every System Is a Prototype

The current methods of procuring hardware and software from multiple sources then integrating them on your own as a single solution can be difficult.

Every time you configure a system, it is really a prototype, or proof of concept (POC). No matter how much reference material is available, there is no guarantee that all of the components will work together. There are multiple vendors involved, which makes troubleshooting issues even more challenging.

Purpose-built Appliances

Business leaders who are looking to exploit technology for a business advantage don’t want to worry about getting a system to work. Their main concern is garnering as much value as possible, as quickly as possible. This is why IBM has created their RapidBuild program program.

IBM has partnered with independent software vendors to bring a complete solution to market. The initial focus is to build a solid foundation for a superior, highly optimized, fully integrated cognitive appliance.

They are built on POWER8 processors combined with scalable networking, enterprise-class storage, with application providers such as MongoDB. Added to the mix are select distributors that can provide advanced infrastructure services and support. This gives you support and service from a single source, eliminating the finger-pointing that you face when you configure a solution yourself.


IBM has fully committed themselves to the open source community. They founded the OpenPOWER Foundation to accelerate the development of the IBM Power architecture. And in 2013, they pledged to invest $1 billion into the open source and Linux communities.

There are several technological benefits that the software vendors and users gain from running on Power. The POWER8 processor utilizes parallel processing, which provides 4x more threads per core as a comparable commodity x86 server. They have 4x the memory bandwidth as an x86 server with 5x the cache memory. Visit this page to get a deeper look at IBM Power Systems facts and features.

Value to the Application

Applications can easily be optimized to run on POWER8. In most cases, applications written in a scripting language such as Java, PHP, and Ruby will run with zero changes. Now the application layer can run on an appliance built for the operational database of their choice. Integration is simplified and can be put to use immediately.

Value to the Enterprise

This sounds great, but what you really want to know is, “What can do this do for you?”

With the technology already integrated, you can avoid the time it would normally take to gain value from it. The components are integrated and software is tested before it leaves the configuration facility.

And once the solution is implemented in your data center or hosting facility, you gain the industry-leading performance of IBM Power Systems. Software developers are immediately seeing the added value that they can provide their customers.

POWER8 was purpose-built for data-intensive applications, so it makes sense that the first wave of applications is coming from the NoSQL data world. Redis, for example, is available today in a RapidBuild configuration. They have been a long-time supporter of POWER platform.

Industry Leading Solutions

IBM has partnered with several industry leaders to kick start the RapidBuild program. Redis, MongoDB, and EnterpriseDB have all joined the program. The primary reason that they have jumped on board is because they can see that the performance gains by moving to IBM Power Systems cannot be denied.

Redis Labs states that you can save a lot of money by going with IBM Power Systems (as much as 54%) while also improving throughput (up to 67%). The RapidBuild brings you this value quicker by reducing the time to configure and deploy.

MongoDB recognizes that IBM Power Systems provide an exceptional platform to run your mission-critical applications. The RapidBuild program can simplify the deployment of your MongoDB applications. 

EnterpriseDB is a leading open source database that is compatible with and enables migration from Oracle. They have optimized the software for the IBM Power Systems platform. They recognize that speed matters and you can achieve exceptional price/performance by implementing the full solution stack.

If you are currently running applications built on MongoDB, Redis, or EnterpriseDB it makes sense to investigate the enormous performance gains you can achieve by running on IBM Power Systems. And along with performance, you will improve the security of your data and applications while dramatically increasing reliability.nosql_guide_square.jpg

Infrastructure matters when it comes to your applications performance! You can grab your copy of the NoSQL Developers’ Guide to Infrastructure and Maximizing Data Performance here.

RapidBuild program is designed for any distributor or ISV that wants to participate and qualifies. Click here to learn more.


Written by Steve Erickson