Why Choose IBM Power Systems Over x86?

IBM Power Systems are purpose-built to process and extract value from massive amounts of data. This makes Power Systems the ideal system for today.


Real-World Use Case and Real Savings

In the eBook Make the Smart Platform Choice, you will learn how you can realize significantly reduced total cost of ownership while improving performance.

  • U.S. Manufacturer Saves $4.2 Million: A large U.S.-based manufacturer was able to save $4.2 million over five years by running its Oracle workloads on IBM Power Systems.

  • Retailer Saves $2.9 Million: A large North American retailer continues to run its SAP ERP applications on IBM Power Systems, having saved $2.9 million over three years.

  • International Bank Saves $15 Million: A large international bank based in Latin America has saved $15 million over five years by running its core mission-critical applications on IBM Power Systems.

See how the above market leaders and others have been able to save millions by remaining on or migrating to IBM Power Systems.

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